Woman Attacks Attorney in Florida

Woman attacks attorneyThere was an amusing incident during a murder trial in a Florida court, a defendant hit her own lawyer during the trial and suddenly the incident shocked the chairman of the panel of judges.

As a result, the police officers on duty at the trial dispersed to immediately separate the defendant from hitting the attorney, in order to continue with the trial.

In her indictment, the defendant hit the lawyer during the arraignment for the alleged murder and mutilation of a 25-year-old man that was intentionally committed by the defendant.

That moment was captured in a video upload. It is learned that the defendant struck the attorney in the video named Taylor Schabusiness, 25. Taylor was seen attacking Quinn Jolly in the courtroom.

Chronology Woman Attacks Attorney

In the video, the defendant was initially sitting quietly as she listened to the proceedings, but suddenly the defendant struck the attorney next to her.

Florida court officers on duty immediately separated the defendant and threw him to the floor and then arrested and handcuffed the defendant and punched the attorney and then removed him.

Explanation of Genesis Woman Attacks Attorney

As if nothing had happened, the defendant asked the police officer. “What happened,” the officer then replied, “You’re crazy, you attacked your own lawyer,” the officer responded as he charged the defendant.

Finally the judge decided to extend the defendant’s detention period for two weeks, pending the results of the psychological tests, if Schabusiness is competent to stand trial, finally the judge postponed the trial until May.

Meanwhile, the defendant’s lawyer, Jolly, said that the beating incident by the defendant was an illegal act, and this cannot be used as a reason for the judge to postpone the trial.

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Schabusiness, was charged with aggravated manslaughter with intent, the defendant was also charged with third-degree sexual assault. However, because of the tragedy, the woman accused of beating the attorney was instead deemed insane by Florida judges.

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